Behaviour outside the guild is very important to us, as you are carrying our guild name wherever you go.

We will not tolerate spam, begging or general arrogant behaviour towards other players.

We understand that some of our members may not have English as their first language, but we would like to request that guild chat, raid chat, party chat and Team Speak chat (unless a channel is specifically requested) be kept in English at all times. It is important that you understand we are an English-speaking guild.

Other than this there are no specific rules to follow socially, and should a situation arise where an officer needs to step in, it should be dealt with at their discretion.

1. You will be given access to bank tabs dependent on your rank in the guild.

2. If you cannot access an item speak to an officer.

3. If you take anything from the free access tabs, please be aware these items be taken for the character you are only! Do not take items you intend to use on your alt's.

4. People who are regularly stocking up the guild bank with useful items maybe rewarded in some way. However this should not be an expectation.

1. All Guild Members in official guild raids are assigned loot via personal loot. Any spare loot should be passed to the raid leader, who will assign the loot to eligible players based on who will receive the most benefit.

2. All Initiated Members have priority on spare loot over Trial Members in all raids.

3. All mats from disenchanted items (unwanted loot) are donated to the guild bank.

4. All spare loot will be awarded for main spec only for that item.  However, if no player wants an item for main spec then players can request the item for off-spec, this will then be allocated at the discretion of the raid leader.

5. If a BOE item is not assigned for on main spec it goes to the Guild Bank, where it can be bought by players after the raid with priority given to the players in the raid.  Else firstly offered to the guild and secondly sold on the auction house with the proceeds deposited into the guild bank.  If the item is sold to a player then payment will be in the form of gold.

6. If you would like BOE item from the Guild Bank that you do not already have access to, you should write a mail message to an officer so that the availability and gold cost of the item can be agreed upon between the other officers.

7. Distribution of spare legendary items, valuable items, recipes etc. will be decided by the officers and/or raid leaders, or will be donated to the guild bank.

1. The raid leader is responsible for the raid, and upon joining the raid you agree to follow the instructions given to you by the leader, and/or those people the leader designates to help them (i.e. Tanks, Healing Leaders, Raid Assistants, etc).

2. Raiding days vary but generally - Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday. Invites start at 20:00hrs realm time. The first pull should be at 20:15hrs realm time with raids ending around 23:00hrs realm time.

3. You should show up to raids with flasks, pots, extra food etc. At the discretion of the raid leader, feasts maybe provided before each boss pull and for the first trash pull (if necessary). But if you miss it, you are expected to feed yourself.

4. You are expected to come to a raid PvE spec'd and enchanted. If it is agreed on before hand, your off-spec should also be PvE spec'd and enchanted ready to switch when necessary.

5. You are expected to join the Team Speak server for raids.

6. We encourage you to be vocal on Team Speak, but we do not expect the channel to be flooded, nor do we expect you to talk over the raid leader.

7. Unexplained AFKs, Ninja Pulls, etc. may carry a penalty.

8. Signing up for raid and no showing without good reason or posting on the forums beforehand, may result in a penalty been applied if necessary.

9. Raiders may lose their raiding rank (i.e. be demoted to Trial-Member) if they are AFK for more than 2 weeks without explanation.

10. Some add-ons are required to raid with us, such as Deadly Boss Mods, if any additional add-ons are required these will be advised by the raid leader or in the Member forums.

11. You are expected to show up to raids knowing the tactics for boss fights. These tactics will be posted in the Videos section of the guild website, raid leaders may adapt these tactics as required.

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